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Pancha Bhuta Stainless Steel Tongue Scrapper -Pack of 5

Because we know just how hard it is to get the size.

Pancha Bhuta Stainless Steel Tongue Scrapper -Pack of 5


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  • ✅ [100% Stainless Steel] Our Tongue Cleaner consist of a solid surgical grade Stainless steel scraper head, which means it is healthy, durable, anti-corrosion and doesn’t oxidize.
  • ✅ [Easy to Use] Bad Breath Oduor is caused by wastes from bacteria due to poor oral hygiene. But our Tongue Scraper solves that problem. It scrapes your tongue gently but can effectively remove food debris especially gunk and prevent generating conceal bacteria.
  • ✅ [Fresher Breath] Improves oral hygiene and promotes fresh breath. Prevents bad breath as well as other oral health problems. it will not cause gagging reflexes or scratches and that ultimately means to you is picked up what your toothbrush left behind.
  • ✅ [Non-Synthetic Grip] Our Tongue Cleaner features a highly flexible curved design and smooth surface. This is a unique tool for tongue cleaning, without any synthetic covering which along with providing comfortable grip also makes it hypo-allergenic and non-toxic.
  • ✅ [Multi Featured] All these features and utilities make it a suitable tool to remove the causes of bad breath and to restore total oral hygiene and taste sensation.

Straightforward to Use Tongue Scrapper

  • Stretch out your tongue.
  • Take the curved edge to the back of your tongue and gently start scraping in the forward direction.
  • Repeat the process until all the residue is removed.
  • Wash the tongue cleaner with warm water and let dry.
  • Sterilize with just a little bit of isopropyl alcohol.


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